Action Items from 23Nov2011 NISAC vtc

Written by John Porter

1) Gastil and Linda will work with IMEXEC to evaluate proposals for the Dec. 1 IMEXEC call.

2) On the charge regarding LINX data, John Porter will draft a recommendation to the EB recommending that the LTER Network host (i.e., place on server, maintain backups), but not curate (e.g., metadata preparation, support questions) LINX data. We recommend that LINX contact some knowledgeable LTER Information Managers to discuss options for providing the data which might range from simply providing a .zip file containing the spreadsheets with whatever documentation is available to processing the spreadsheets to create conventional datasets. They should explore either linking the Data Appendix associated with the LINX II NATURE paper to the LTER system or perhaps even transforming a copy of that material into datasets within the LTER system.

3) Bob Waide will provide a document describing possible "low hanging fruit" with respect to data availability that will serve as the basis for a Google Docs document for editing by NISAC. John Porter will send out a Doodle poll to schedule NISAC VTC by interested parties in mid-to-late December.

4) We will communicate to IMEXEC that recommend that sites conform to the LTER EML Best Practices document regarding how and where distribution information (e.g., URLs) for data should be incorporated into EML Metadata.

5) We discussed, but reached no consensus, regarding a standard LTER definition for what constitutes a dataset with respect to number of sites or years covered etc.

6) John Porter will circulate a Doodle Poll to identify weeks in February-April 2012 when we might hold our annual face-to-face meeting.