February 22 Virtual Water Cooler

vtc notes 1 Feb 2016 IMC virtual water cooler

corinna, emery, gastil, james c, jason, philip, another guy in philip’s office, margaret, suzanne r, jonathan, yang (philip leading)

topic: future of imexec and nisac and other imc comittees in a nimo future. possible merge into nimo operations committee.


imexec met last week. looked at options for annual imc meeting.
So far, looks like opportunity to meet with LNCO makes Santa Barbara the best site.

mob talked to frank davis.
2 options: on ucsb campus or downtown near LNCO offices.
no budget yet for downtown.

earlier in the summer better for transition (of LNO to NIMO/LNCO)

likely weeks (the ucsb ones) earliest week is June 20th.


Ops Comm - direct workload of NIMO

Potential overlap of Ops Comm with both IMExec and NISAC.

composition of OpCom and mech for selecting members.

rotation was built in when it was 6 years. But with a 3-year proposal, not as much rotation.
4 IMs aside from 2 project managers who are IMs, and cg herself.
That is 7 IMs already.
Plus 3 scientists and Paul H.
That 11 people is the OpsCommitte.

big green container “requests” from IMs. Individuals or IMC?
How requests interact with IMs (at sites or as IMC).
Would we need leadership within IMC to keep things moving.
OpsCom may not have role of organizing requests from the IMC as a whole.

sharing grphic
This replaces the version with the green box.
Orange lines from SC, LNCO, IMC these three all have ways of putting in requests.

Leveraging will be important. [define?]

after all core activities are done, [with $ leftover?]

a synth wg meets and wants a data laison. What IMs can do to make this easier, to help wg harmonize their kind of data.

balance cost of preparing data and return on science side

sites can say they need help with implementing deims

site may start up area of expertise

different levels and time frames of requests determine whether project manager, tiger team, ops com make decision and allocate.

how to keep site IMs involved

project managers will monitor, make sure things get done. Near full fte in total for project management. This is what has been missing in past for wg. Keeping projects moving.

annual imc meeting has helped us maintain community.

yes that will continue.

OpsCom + diff mgmt tech has ability to replace both nisac and imexec.
One past challenge is demands of those 2 committees almost half the IMC was in a service role.
Want to reduce that load.
Transient, ad hoc wg’s for planning annual meeting or tech decisions.

SC and EB use an ad hoc committee to plan their annual meetings.

… [I stopped taking notes for awhile] ...

center of excellence topic:
how to prep/facilitate data for a sci synth wg

specify for a type of data to use specific keywords and format

(missed it)

did receive transition supplement money to transition the NIS to NTL.
Have travel funds for decision about this transition and updates.
In pre-process of seeking Sys Admin.

expect to hear about NIMO proposal mid-March