June 2015 Virtual Water Cooler: IMC/ASM Meeting Planning

Notes from June 22, 2015

In attendance: Gastil Buhl, James Conners, Jason Downing, Hap Garritt, Corinna Gries, Don Henshaw, Jim Laundre, Linda Powell, Ken Ramsey, Suzanne Remillard, Inigo San Gil, Wade Sheldon, Jonathan Walsh, Yang Xia.

Notetaker: Philip Tarrant

Distributed Information Management
Tarrant provided an update on the progress made so far in examining the feasibility of the IM community coordinating the network data management services. The group reviewed a basic governance structure that has been defined along with a summary document describing the requirements and responsibilities of the governance entities. The team is also working on scoping services costs and the project tasks required to coordinate these activities. Much still needs to be defined/resolved, but the idea has merit and the exercise continues.

IMC/ASM Planning
Suggestions for IMC and ASM sessions so far:

  • Business meeting including elections and WG updates [IMC].
  • Flash talks during IMC to ensure that all IMs are aware of the IM related ASM sessions [IMC].
  • Session to discuss role of NISAC going forward [ASM, Suzanne Remillard].
  • Session on DEIMS development [ASM, Inigo San Gil].
  • ASM sessions should be tagged "IM(C)"? to make sure when the ASM agenda is constructed IM sessions do not conflict.
  • Session to explore the needs of sites/network with respect to distributing large datasets (spatial, LIDAR, streaming data, etc.) [ASM, Linda Powell].
  • Session on MATLAB: GCE Toolbox [ASM, Wade Sheldon].
  • Internal discussion of Distributed IM proposal (if appropriate) [IMC].
  • Communication session to share Distributed IM proposal (if appropriate), [ASM, Philip Tarrant].
  • Possible session on web technologies and site challenges resulting from web demands [IMC & ASM?].

Notes from June 23, 2015

In attendance: Dan Bahauddin, Jason Downing, Corinna Gries, Margaret O'Brien, John Porter, Mark Servilla, Theresa Valentine.

Notetaker: Philip Tarrant

Distributed Information Management
Tarrant re-iterated yesterdays' summary. It was noted that the new governance structure may require a re-think of existing IM management entities (IMexec, NISAC, etc.) in order to ensure a clear route for ideas to be prioritized and IMs to be fully engaged.

IMC/ASM Planning
Additional suggestions for IMC and ASM sessions:

  • Data visualization session [ASM, Theresa Valentine].
  • Separate session to share different approaches to data visualization [ASM, Theresa Valentine].
  • Session on scientific uses of the LTER data archives (possibly for grad students) [ASM, John Porter].
  • Possible session on NPP data discovery in DataOne [ASM, Margaret O'Brien].
  • Possible session on web technologies and ontologies (based on current EarthCube activities?) [ASM, Margaret O'Brien].
  • Possible session on NSF review criteria for IMs (including discussion with Saran) [IMC].
  • Finding and using ecological data: a grad student tutorial [ASM, John Porter?]