2014 IMC annual meeting planning, Frisco, CO, July 8-11

IMC Virtual Update, 31 March 2014

Sven Bohm; James Brunt; John Chamblee; Corinna Gries; Don Henshaw; Margaret O’Brien; John Porter; Linda Powell; Ken Ramsey; Suzanne Remillard; Wade Sheldon; Philip Tarrant; Kristin Vanderbilt; Jonathan Walsh.

ESIP submission deadline may be postponed until April 20th? Confirmed via ESIP meeting website

Suggestions re ESIP IM Mini Symposium –
Potentially two one and half hour talks; one focused on LTER IM overview, followed by a second session that explores LTER enabling technologies. Various short presentations (4-5 15 minute talks) followed by panel/questions. Keep introduction shorter, rather than longer.
First Session - LTER overview

  • LTER overview - John Chamblee (slides from Don). Where things started, technological approaches
  • IM at sites and network – DEIMS, Metabase, modes and back-ends - Wade Sheldon, compact description from GCE
  • LTER Data and Databases – go through and do a summary that would give an overview of what data we have.
  • An overview of the enabling technologies for LTER

Second Session - Enabling Technologies. In the technical session, go into the highlights – here’s features that we take advantage of.

  • PASTA - Mark Servilla
  • EML - Margaret O'Brien. Theme its just not for ecologist – lessons learned things that work well, things that don’t work well and things that don’t work well
  • Workflow tools and approaches. Wade Sheldon, John Porter, Corinna Gries
  • DEIMS - Inigo San Gil?
  • Latest technology – an overview of several other technologies, controlled vocabulary, unit dictionary, GeoNIS, etc.

Other ESIP session proposals

  • Possible session proposal: Don, Corinna, John P., and Christine Laney – Enviro-Sensing cluster – announce and go through that in an 1.5 hours. – perhaps sensor data quality people can show up. Probably for Thursday.
    • Need to make the most of being at ESIP meeting, so there should not be too many LTER sessions.

      IMC Meeting
      Full day meeting on Tuesday, but move wrap up meeting to Friday morning.

      Suggested IMC Meeting Sessions

      • NISAC committee is flailing – don’t have science participation – losing science Co-Chair there could be a discussion on NISAC and its role.
      • Future of IMC - Strategic planning in light of big data, laptop to tablet, etc. A lot of things that used to be old goals are suddenly the present. Do some expansive thinking about where could we be in twenty years.
      • Cross-site data - At one point we talked about reviewing we had done in terms of cross-site data and looking at PASTA to see if there’s an alternative to ClimDB and VegDB – do a quick review, including EcoTrends.
      • Data Standardization – developing data models that can handle the raw data in a standardized way so that the workflows can get into them and manipulate them in a standardized way – something where the raw data can go in in a way that the machine can understand it.

      IMC Virtual Update, 1 April 2014
      Dan Bahauddin; James Brunt; Gastil Buhl; Duane Costa; Jason Downing; Hap Garrett; Jim Laundre; Mary Martin; Inigo San Gil; Mark Servilla; Philip Tarrant; Theresa Valentine.

      Tarrant summarized Monday discussion (see above).

      Suggested ESIP session proposals

      • Workflow workshop - Gastil. Interactive with 40 minute demo. Gastil asking for hands-on, build ground-up. Mark S would be happy to make a script, demo. In an hour, if careful what demo, possible if all goes well.
      • Spatial data - Theresa. Propose a session on spatial data. Use the geonis as one example (one of the enabling technologies to be included in overview).
      • Media management - Inigo. What mechanisms sites use to manage media: audio, video, ppt. Not usually under the scope of tabular data. Need to find a common strategy.
      • Simulation and modeling data - Inigo. What are the needs of the sites? What are the bottlenecks? Bring in scientists and ask them what kind of support they need.
      • Data citation practices - Gastil. Asking how it is done or a best practice discussion.

      Suggested IMC Meeting Sessions

      • LTER NIS Data Portal interface - Duane. What it is about the interface that can be improved to optimize search efficiency. Dig deep, determine what it can do well or improve. Could use a better definition of "google-like". Put the current UI on projector, look at it as a group.
      • PASTA One year on - Theresa. Now that we all have a year of working with PASTA, have a session about our experiences with how it went, lessons learned. How to make it easier.