June 2014 Update - Annual Meeting Planning

IMC Virtual Update, 16 June 2014

Emery Boose; James Brunt; Jason Downing; Hap Garritt; M. Gastil-Buhl; Don Henshaw; Margaret O’Brien; John Porter; Ken Ramsey; Suzanne Remillard; Philip Tarrant; Xia Yang.

Summary of Discussion
NSF plans to re-compete the LNO in 2 parts: one will be for a network communications/coordination group and the secong one will be a data center function. Existing groups are being considered to do the data, to leverage existing resources. even so, it is likely to be an open competition. take advantage of what already exists; possible organizations include Oak Ridge labs, DataOne, etc. Current thinking is that it will be a competition among academic (not commercial) organizations. While this may affect how we operate, NSF does not want to waste the investment already made in PASTA and would like to develop it further.

Part of our planning in the AM is related to this new ‘central data function”, e.g., what do we need from them? The AM session will be primarily planning for the future, but should include how we operate between now and the end of current LNO agreement (see agenda).

Afternoon session will be reserved for WG activities and other relevant break out sessions.

Planning session should include what next for PASTA and the remainder of the LNO contract. Should make sure we get report even from suspended WGs, so we know the status of everything. These could be short elevator style reports - no more then 2 minutes. There may still be funding available for PASTA related workshops outside of this meeting (TBC). suggestions of negative press for PASTA, but these cannot be confirmed.

IMC Virtual Update, 17 June 2014

Sven Bohm; James Brunt; John Chamblee; James Connors; Duane Costa; Jim Laundre; Mark Servilla; Wade Sheldon; Jonathon Walsh; Theresa Valentine; Kristin Vanderbilt.

Summary of Discussion
General update re current NSF thinking, as above. Discussion of draft meeting agenda.

There are challenges to doing long-term planning because it is too early and there are too many unknowns. While the long-term vision is difficult, we do know we have 2-3 years of limbo or transition to navigate, so we can discuss that. Agreement by the IMC on our needs will provide stronger input to NSF (more voice), so worth discussing.


  1. Provide NSF call questions in advance of meeting so that Saran can prepare for the call. Action: IMs to submit questions to Tarrant. These will be distilled and forwarded to Saran before the meeting. ALL
  2. Follow up with NSF to see if McKnight report will be distributed. Tarrant. Update: Saran confirmed that she expects the report to be released after NSF has finalized the content of the new calls.
  3. Ensure time is allocated for IM group photo. Tarrant
  4. Several visioning documents exist. We will pull them together as prep for our planning session. Chamblee
  5. These and other meeting preparation materials will be distributed (Tarrant) prior to the meeting. Please read and digest before arriving in Colorado. - ALL
  6. Nominations are required for three (3) IMexec positions. Please send names of willing candidates (either yourself or an agreeable colleague) to Philip Tarrant prior to the meeting. - ALL

Proposed afternoon WG sessions

  • Dataset design - O'Brien
  • Use of tablet devices in field work - Porter
  • Future role of NISAC - Gastil-Buhl
  • On-line interactive graphics - Porter
  • Data package management - O'Brien
  • Metrics and possible EML checks - Tarrant
  • DRUPAL session - ??
  • PASTA provenance - Servilla
  • Digital asset management (image/video) - Valentine


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