Esri2Eml Migrating Metadata From ESRI or FGDC to EML

We developed a XML stylesheet (XSLT) that converts metadata records that are expressed in the ESRI XML format to EML. This Esri2Eml stylesheet can also be used to transform records in the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) to EML.

Here we offer documentation on how to use the Esri2Eml stylesheet. We also highlight in the documentation site-specific (user-specific) information that needs to be entered to make the EML document more complete.

Discussions such as the inherent difficulties to transform a record from FGDC to EML are also addressed. Granularity differences and non-overlapping information placeholders are good examples.

Finally, we mention that FGDC does not enforce any schema derived rules, so the content and quality of the final EML record will be inherited by that of the original FGDC/ESRI record. Links to related forums (discussion, bugs, feature requests) are also present.

You should also look at the Best Practices for Documenting Spatial Data for specific instructions on the stylesheet:

Here is the Current release

updated 10/8/2014: I put two files in github with changes: arcGIS2fgdc_test2.xsl (minor change to get rid of space that was messing up PASTA), and esri102eml21_ver4-3b.xsl (minor changes change ratio to standard unit instead of custom unit, and to get zip file as the externalformat in EML (you should customize this to the format of your files) and to make the objectName be the name of the download file (for me that's You might need to customize this for your files. (available at:
Updated 7/10/2014 Moved code to github (
Updated 3/14/2013 to fix errors with contact tags from esri.
Updated 3/4/2013 to fix some minor errors and automate the calculation of the cell size and number of bands.
Updated 2/16/2013 to bring in raster cell size and number of bands (tjv). Update includes updated arcgis2fgdc stylesheet .
Updated 2/5/2013 to correct tag locations for cell size and attribute issues (tjv)
Updated 12/19/2012 with some corrections to the spatial raster tags and methods: esri102eml21_ver2.xsl