May 2014 Update - Annual meeting planning

IMC Virtual Update, 5 May 2014

James Brunt; Corinna Gries; Don Henshaw; Margaret O’Brien; Ken Ramsey; Suzanne Remillard; Wade Sheldon; Philip Tarrant; Theresa Valentine; Jonathan Walsh, M. Gastil-Buhl

Update in progress...

Summary of Discussion

  1. Who is handling registration, individuals or is it being managed centrally? - John C and Dan B to clarify
  2. Are we room sharing? If we are, we need to start a list.
  3. There is a possible conflict with the Teusday PM Drupal workshop. Can we organize the IMC meeting to accommodate that?
  4. What about if spouses attend? In the past, George has worked something out.
  5. Elevation sickness: are their medical facilities? Higher than Estes Park. Frisco is at 9600 ft.
  6. LTER mini-symposium does not appear on the draft agenda. Did we submit abstract as planned?

Topics for discussion
During plenary session:

  • What should nisac's role be (the IMC's opinion)?
  • Future IMC activities (first, please list the current activities)
  • Future role of NISAC
  • Review documentation from NSF on future LNO (if available)
  • Conversation with NSF (either in person, eg, Peter might be at ESIP or Saran by VTC)
  • Planning session for impacts of a new LNO

Break-out topics:

  • Veg-e. how much of what was in our catalog was useful to scientists
  • How can pasta be demonstrated?
  • PASTA –future/lessons learned?
  • NIS data portal

Other: James b plans for 4 IMC working group meetings, about the 9-things-left-to-do


ESIP DRAFT Agenda as of May 6, 201455.37 KB