February 2014 VWC: Planning for IMC at ESIP, Copper Mountain, CO

Information on the Summer IMC at the ESIP Federation

The ESIP Federation will meet from July 8 through July 11, 2014 at the Copper Mountain Resort in Frisco, Colorado (see http://www.coppercolorado.com/winter/index.html). The organizers expect round 200 attendees. The overall theme for the meeting is “Linking It Together: Sustainable Software Advancing Science Data and Services.” However, apart from a single plenary session on one of the mornings and an evening poster and demo reception, ESIP is intended to be a “blank canvas” in which the Federation provides the space and the members provide the content. There is space, paid for by ESIP out of registration fees, for 5 to 6 concurrent break-out sessions. There will be 10 to 15 organizations represented out of 155 total member organizations. At least one group, DataOne, is meeting for the two days prior to the start of the ESIP meeting. DataOne is paying for their own space for this meeting and we would have to do the same, if we pursued a similar organizational structure.

The call for proposals for meeting workshops has already gone out and we will have to submit proposed workshops and schedule requests to ESIP by April 13. To learn more, please go to http://esipfed.org/node/2277

IM Exec has already worked about a budget and received preliminary approval from Bob Waide. The primary remaining question is how we want to link the meeting between the IMC and ESIP.

There are two approaches
1) Run the meeting concurrently, but organize it to give folks as much as “LTER time” as possible.
2) Add an IMC day at the start or end.

Considerations regarding these options are:
1. ESIP’s format is flexible and, plenaries and poster sessions notwithstanding, we can schedule as much closed LTER time through the planning of workshops as needed.
2. Although we have preliminary approval for the budget, it is still likely to be tight and adding our own meeting days adds cost.
3. Additional meeting time at the start (Monday) would require travel at the end of the July 4 holiday weekend. Early estimates show that airfare will be marginally more expensive and this approach could also encroach on planned holidays.
4. Another other alternative day is to have a closed IMC meeting on Friday, after ESIP. In this case meeting fatigue could be an issue.

The IMC needs to decide on a final approach in the February VWC, so that IM Exec can plan.