Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS)

The Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) provides a unified framework for ecological information management for LTER sites, Biological Stations or similar research groups. DEIMS is based on the popular, open source Drupal Content Management System. We leverage the efforts of thousands of Drupalistas to provide critical functionality such as data discovery and usability.

This page provides a high level overview of the DEIMS working group, resources are detailed elsewhere as noted below.

This project is hosted at goggle code: http://code.google.com/p/deims/

-Fully interconnected information at the information unit level
-Bibliography out of the box -bibTex,EndNote, google scholar and others capable
-Full metadata editor with pick lists and controlled vocabularies.
-Consumes and produces EML. And the Biological Profile of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (BDP).
-Gmaps, OpenLayers for lightweight geo apps.
-No programming expertise needed
-No database administration needed
-Backed by a solid developers community
-Free and open source (mySQL5 + php5.3) with Drupal 6.x

How to get this Drupal customization suite?
For an svn checkout command line:
svn checkout http://deims.googlecode.com/svn/ deims-read-only

Browse at:
Google code browse link, use the left menu once in the page

Here is a popular download list

Find in there all the individual content types, views, module lists and scripts used, as well as the package wrapped conveniently on using Drupal "features".

Product oriented Trainings:
Trainings are important to familiarize new users on DEIMS. We hosted two trainings in 2010 and 2011, and will host a training lead by Isovera on Nov 2012.

The training videos for the 2012 is located at http://deims.lternet.edu/cod/cod6

Notes on the first un-meeting in October 2010

Also, some Meeting Notes

And Related Software Projects