Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS)

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See https://github.com/lter/deims/tree/7.x-1.x/im_lternet_files
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The grass-roots Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) provides a unified framework for ecological information management for LTER sites, Biological Stations or similar research groups. DEIMS is based on the open source Drupal Content Management System. DEIMS unites LTER sites in re-using elements of the assembled web, leveraging the efforts of thousands of Drupalistas to provide critical information management functionality such as data discovery and usability.

The DEIMS project is developed and hosted on Github : LTER : Deims . We pack and push the DEIMS project from github into the official Drupal project repos. We encourage you to send issues and feature requests to the Drupal issue queue (or github), if this is much trouble, email is fine.

For the nostalgic, the early version of this is hosted at goggle code: http://code.google.com/p/deims/

A select list of DEIMS features:

A Data Explorer: Browse, filter, subset your data using this interface to select your segment of interest. Find data leveraging the rich metadata stored in DEIMS. We provide you faceted filters so you do not get lost in a long list of metadata search results (I.e, the ability of narrow down your search within an initial result set). DEIMS offers web forms to enter metadata from anywhere, any device, and automatically produces views of the data and metadata, and serves XML-encoded metadata in three popular formats, including the ISO-North American Data Profile, the Biological Data Profile, and EML. (if you need more formats, please place a request on the issue queues). DEIMS leverages services produced by the larger community, including the LTER Scientific Unit service. DEIMS uses LTER commonly used categorical keyword families, such as the LTER Core Areas, and the LTER Controlled Vocabulary. DEIMS provides usage analytical tools (google analytics) and reports on file downloads. Maps, data-connected bibliographic catalogs. DEIMS also uses the PASTA REST services to silently push data to the central repo and retrieves data-DOIs.

You do not need programming expertise or be a database expert to deploy DEIMS. You can host it in house (uses the Apache-Mysql-PHP stack) but it can be hosted in Amazon AWS-EC2, or better, use the services of Pantheon, Blackmesh or Acquia -- that may spare you from the sysadmin, performance, redundancy. DEIMS is backed by the Drupal community, an exemplary open source developers community.

How to get this Drupal customization suite?

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x git@github.com:lter/deims.git

Download at:

Make sure you read the installation guide.

Trainings are important to familiarize new users on DEIMS. We hosted two trainings in 2010 and 2011, and will host a training lead by Isovera on Nov 2012.

The training videos for the 2012 is located at http://deims.lternet.edu/cod/cod6

Notes on the first un-meeting in October 2010

Also, some Meeting Notes

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