Selection process for potential NIMO host institutions

Site - PI profile Information from Institutions willing to host the NIMO administrative function

Host Institution

The host institution owns the cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The institution will hire (and employ) personnel as directed by the operations committee. It will reimburse LTER IMs for time spent on network projects as directed by the operations committee. It will administer subcontracts with other universities or entities, as required. The institution will administer the funds for IT infrastructure and services as directed by the operation committee. It will manage logistics for IMC working groups and specialized meetings, organize or facilitate training activities, and administer travel funds.

Principal Investigator

This will be a part-time appointment (% still to be determined, but likely something less than .5) employed at the host institution. The selected PI will lead the proposal writing for the new organization and will be responsible to the IM review team to ensure the proposal reflects the decisions the IMC has made about organization and operations. Post award, the PI will act as the primary point of contact for the cooperative agreement with NSF. This person will take direction from the operations committee and ensure through effective management that their instructions are carried out as agreed. This individual will advise the operations committee regarding funding and operational constraints. The PI will hire personnel as selected by the operations committee. The PI will manage the NIMO personnel employed at the host institution (evaluations, vacations, terminations, etc.). The PI will also manage the NIMO finances in conjunction with the operations committee. This person will negotiate the cooperative agreement with NSF. The PI will also write the annual project report to NSF. The PI will seek additional funding to support service activities identified as desirable by the operations committee, but not supported by the current budget.


  • University of Wisconsin (NTL) - Corinna Gries / Paul Hanson (Download Profile)
  • Foundation for Earth Science (FSE) - FSE's Principal Investigator / Corinna Gries (Download Profile)
  • University of New Mexico (SEV) - Kristin Vanderbilt (Download Profile)
  • Harvard University (HFR) - Aaron Ellison / Emery Boose (Download Profile)
  • Arizona State University (CAP) - Philip Tarrant (Download Profile)
  • University of New Mexico (MCM) - Ignigo San Gil (Download Profile)
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