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• In-person: James Brunt, Yang Xia, Jason Downing, Margaret O’Brien, Don Henshaw
• Videoteleconference: Jamie Hollingsworth, Aaron Stephenson

Day 1: Thursday, April 5, 2012

0830: Introduction
• Agenda review (Don)
• Discuss goals / products for this meeting

a. Consider advantages of use and need for redesign of SiteDB
i. Common use and sharing of SiteDB
ii. Accommodation of discipline-specific metadata within the design

b. Consider use of SiteDB within the PASTA architecture
i. EML best practices for discipline-specific metadata

c. ClimHy integration path
i. Moving from current harvest system to PASTA workflow-based system

d. General prescription for producing cross-site, value-added data

0945: Background presentations

• SiteDB presentation (James, Yang)
a. Current status and use (Yang)
b. SiteDB schema/architecture (James)

• ClimDB presentation (Don, Yang)
a. Current status and use (Yang)
b. Review current harvest system, exchange formats and metadata (Don)
c. Review schema, illustrate with example ClimDB-generated metadata pdf (Don)

• StreamChemDB presentation (Don)
a. Current status and schema design
b. Current integration needs with ClimHy data and metadata

• LTERMapS presentation (Jamie, Aaron)
a. Current status and design
b. SiteDB requirements/issues

Noon: lunch

• Working discussions:

a. Redesign of SiteDB
i. Prepare for common use of SiteDB descriptions/ discipline-specific metadata
ii. Share SiteDB metadata with ClimHy/StreamChemDB, LTERMapS, other DBs
iii. Add modules for specific metadata, e.g., Hydrology, Stream chemistry module
iv. Use of web services to populate or deliver SiteDB data

b. Mapping discipline-specific metadata into EML
i. Integrate key ClimHy metadata into EML – best practice for DBs, e.g., site descriptions, methods
ii. Build EML template for a standard ClimHy data harvest: HTML view of a candidate template for a ClimDB data submission. Based on SBC precipitation data; see below for raw EML file on SBC server.
iii. Use of web services to populate EML for ClimHy data harvests

c. Outline steps for moving ClimHy integration forward
i. Use EML ClimHy template to describe current harvest data
ii. Use of SiteDB to capture ClimHy-specific metadata
iii. Use of workflows to populate ClimHy from site-specific formats

June 2011 - ClimDB/HydroDB integration into PASTA:

StreamchemDB test website:

Day 2: Friday, April 6, 2012


EML Resources:
SBC EML file that describes a ClimDB submission:
This is a template document, and should not be exposed in a public catalog. Please use for demonstration or testing only. Contact SBC for more information.

HTML view of this EML template (as a SBC "draft data package"):

2012_SiteDB_product-oriented_proposal.docx20.62 KB
HJA talk Nov11 v4Nov11 Don.pptx5.67 MB
Yang_climhyDB_dh_yx_2.pptx2.97 MB
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