EML Congruence Checker

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LTER: Margaret O'Brien (chair), Corinna Gries, Emery Boose, Dan Bahauddin, Gastil Gastil-Buhl, Jason Downing, Sven Bohm, James Brunt, Mark Servilla, Duane Costa. Associates include Matt Jones, Mark Shildhauer, Ben Leinfleder, Matt Jones and Jing Tao, from the NCEAS Ecoinformatics programming group for DML-related issues. This IMC working group was formed at the All Scientists Meeting in 2009 at Estes Park.
Mail list: eml-congruencychecker-at-lternet.edu
Meeting notes: /projects/eml_congruency_checker/meeting_notes

For comments on the Checker and/or checks, LOG IN and use the "Add new comment" link at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to preview before saving. You may also email the working group with their mail list, above. Comments are especially encouraged during August and September 2012, as the group prepares for acceptance of the checks, software and update plan at the annual IMC meeting.

Documentation for the Data Package Quality Engine:

Upcoming events:

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2013 Events:
2013 July: ECC working group proposes process for adding and staging new checks

2012 Events:
2012 Sept: IMC annual meeting: established new working group for defining reports with checker (Package Reporting WG area)
2012 August 6/7: IMC Water cooler VTC for discussion of report: Water cooler link, with Presentation
2012 July 30: report due to IMC on a) March workshop list of checks and b) PASTA Quality Engine behavior: Report - PDF | Workbook with checks - Excel
2012 March: Workshop to complete and define checks: Workshop Proposal
2012 February: IMC Water cooler VTC, preparation for March workshop: Workshop Proposal

2011 Events:
2011 September: IMC annual meeting: Data availability and v0.1 checker discussions (reports redacted)
2011 September: EIMC Birds of a Feather session: Functional Requirements for the EML Dataset Congruency Checker
2011 August: Update to IMC via VTC (water cooler): Water cooler link, with Presentation


Use of reports by sites up for mid-term review in 2013

These sites have upcoming reviews: KBS, BNZ, MCR, CCE, HBR
there are probably others:
This group of sites could agree on how to use quality reports in their site-review materials.

Their experience might affect our "Review Criterial for LTER Information management" http://im.lternet.edu/im_requirements/im_review_criteria