GIS Software Projects

Esri2Eml Migrating Metadata From ESRI or FGDC to EML

We developed a XML stylesheet (XSLT) that converts metadata records that are expressed in the ESRI XML format to EML. This Esri2Eml stylesheet can also be used to transform records in the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) to EML.

Here we offer documentation on how to use the Esri2Eml stylesheet. We also highlight in the documentation site-specific (user-specific) information that needs to be entered to make the EML document more complete.

EML to Keyhole Markup Language (KML -- Google Earth) stylesheet

Here is a simple stylesheet that converts an Ecological Metadata Language document containing coordinates into a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file that will plot those coordinate in Google Earth.

Authored by John Porter - VCR


The LTER GIS Working Group LTERMapS subcommittee has developed a Google Maps application for displaying data from LTER SiteDB. The target audiences are the following: General Public, LTER community, specific sites. Most important clients are PIs and public.

Phase 1 is nearing completion and work has started on Phase 2. Phase 2 will feature site level GIS data.

Link to LTERMapS

Attached are the meeting notes from our meetings and a Google Maps Implementation Guide.


LTERMapS 2 brings the concept of LTERMapS to the site level. We area starting with 7 pilot sites, and Digital Elevation Models (DEM), watershed boundaries, and stream layers. We also are integrating with SiteDB and Clim/HydroDB. Several efforts are underway including building an ArcGIS Javascript API application for the viewer, and building a SDE database at the LNO. ArcGIS Server version 10 is our web server, and we are building an image server for the DEM's. The current effort is a proof of concept about integrating some baseline GIS data from several sites.

GEONIS: Management, documentation, and publication to the NIS of spatial data

The LTER GIS Working Group began the LTERMapS project to add a common geographic look into the LTER site level data stored in SiteDB, and to begin the process of integrating geographic/spatial data into the NIS. The first phase of LTERMapS resulted in a Google Maps application deployed from the LTER Network Office (

Documenting Spatial Data to LTER Network Standards

The LTER GIS Working Group of the IMC has developed a workflow of Best Practices for documenting spatial data. Creating valid EML metadata document will insure that site geo-spatial data is discoverable in searches of the Network Information System (NIS) and at local sites. This document is dynamic, and updates/suggestions can be made to the GIS Working Group.

File was updated February 2013 to include improvements in raster data with arcgis 10.1 (T Valentine)

File was updated in December 2012 to include information about potential problems with raster data.