Active Software Projects

Project Database for LTER Sites

This project is creating a common framework for exchanging information on active and legacy research projects at sites and will use EML as the exchange standard. Experiments or projects are central to all research endeavors, and LTER sites usually encompass many. Research projects are commonly documented at the site-level in order to maintain records for annual reporting, field site permissions, coordination of research activities in space and time, and for linking datasets and other products to individuals.

GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB

The GCE Data Toolbox is a MATLAB software library that supports metadata-based analysis, visualization, transformation and management of ecological data sets. The toolbox is based on the GCE Data Structure, a specification for storing tabular data along with comprehensive metadata and Q/C information. Metadata fields are queried by toolbox programs for all operations, allowing data values to be managed and analyzed appropriately based on the type of information they represent.

Biological Data Profile to Ecological Metadata Language Crosswalk

The Biological Data Profile to Ecological Metadata Language (bdp2eml) crosswalk helps with the conversion of the metadata formatted according to the Federal Geographic Data Committee Biological Profile into EML compliant metadata. We say that the bdp2eml helps because the stylesheet by itself cannot do a perfect job due to intrinsic granularity differences among both metadata specifications. However, one can easily finish the EML document manually or with the help of a companion parser. The bdp2eml stylesheet can be used also for FGDC-complaint metadata XML documents too.