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Metadata Editor

The Metadata Editor project provides a web-based editor and entry form tool for EML metadata. This editor includes:

  • Compliance with multiple metadata standards (such as EML and FGDC)
  • An authenticated login
  • Auto-save feature, so you don't lose your work

It is based on Orbeon, an open source implementation of XForms.

Corinna Gries and Raul Aguilar at the CAP are leading the development of a web-based metadata editor. Inigo San Gil and others at the LNO are contributing


The SchemaWalker is a software development tool used to parse the EML schema to allow a user to design a set of web pages that manipulate EML data. At the heart of the parsing is a list of parse fragments akin to sibling snapshots at every level of the EML Schema. At present it is coded as a Swing application in the IntelliJ and Eclipse Java IDEs containing at runtime a collapsible tree, node selection and attributes, XForms page creation and ordering. On whole, the SchemaWalker serves as a generic XML data manipulation tool.


The Filemanager is a web application that allows an author to store, view, edit, and share with other authors an EML data file with membership to a group and organization. The programming language is based on the Java Server Faces of NetBeans and the MySQL relational database. A number of methods in the classes contain code to execute XPath and XQuery statements to an eXist repository containing the EML data files. A click on the File module listing of the author's EML data filenames and titles in eXist leads into the Metadata Editor.

Deploy for SchemaWalker, Metadata Editor, Filemanager, and the eXist XML repository

Attached is a compressed file containing deployment for an instance of the Metadata Editor for use with a Filemanager. Of particular interest a the SchemaWalker, a Java Swing EML schema parser that allows a user to select fields from the EML schema to populate web pages. The Filemanager is a Java NetBeans web application that allows authors to share EML data files.