Bonanza Creek SiteBytes 2006

LTER Site: Bonanza Creek LTER

Contributor: Brian Riordan (Sep 18, 2006)

Site Byte:

Bonanza Creek LTER data management has made huge strides this past year. Not only in EML but overall data structure and our website flow. We have managed to be taken off of probation and are looking forward to our site review this coming summer. We have recoded a number of the Coldfusion webpage's to reflect the new database design. We have taken into account as many of the Website guidelines into account during our changes.

Data/website focus redirection: We have changed our philosophies on data structure and focus. Previously we were focused on a "story line" structure. This is were the concepts behind that data files were more important than the data itself. Now we are focused on individual files and letting researchers decide how they want to use it.

Hardware - The purchase of a dedicated database Penguin server has allowed us to generate large climate search engines, robust data file searches, and 3 million + row tables. We now have the Coldfusion html server on a separate piece of hardware.

Bibliography - Half of the references are linked to full pdfs. The bibliography is very dynamic and can be searched on a number of different levels. We hope to merge the data files with bibliographies over the next year.

Personnel - We have modeled our new format after the Andrews site. It makes it look more professional and informative with keywords, publications, data files, and key personnel information.

Data - We now have over 191 diverse data sets. The PIs responded very well to this years data file call and together they produced 40+ new data files this year. We rebuilt the data file search engine. It is formatted after the GCE site. All data files can now be searched for by personnel, keywords, sites, titles, and dates.

EML - We are currently producing 131 EML documents around level 2 - 3. We have made a number of different changes to the database to allow us to support attributes now. We are developing our site section to further round out or EML information. We hope to generate a dynamic EML system for the BNZ DB by Spring 07.

Climate Search engine - We have built a number of different search engines that are modeled after a "tax wizard" format. The engine dynamically builds queries that are executed upon finishing. The results are then displayed in a downloadable formats as well as graphs.

We are now beginning to look at the site section of the database and generate a new look and feel to it. This will be a large task since we have over 1000 sites in our database and over 500 site alternative names.
With the acquisition of the radios we are now working on fully automating out climate data. This will provide "real time" hourly data that will be available online immediately.