Jornada Basin SiteBytes 2006

LTER Site: Jornada Basin

Contributor: Ken Ramsey (Nov 02, 2006)

Site Byte:

In the last year, the information management team at the Jornada Basin LTER has redesigned the Jornada website and prepared for our site renewal (which was approved) in addition to normal information management tasks and responding to requests from researchers for map products. The Jornada website was redesigned using a draft of the LTER web design guidelines and by visiting all LTER websites. The website was initially developed using the PHP programming language and a SQL Server backend database. We have migrated most of our dynamic web pages from using a relational database to using XML files. This has made our website available when our database server is down for maintenance and updates.

We are populating the metadata for all research projects and datasets in the relational database to allow dynamic generation of EML. We are also editing the style sheets used to create EML documents from the database to correct some initial problems caused by generating blank EML elements and to enable the creation of level 5 EML from our database once the metadata population has been completed. Inigo San Gil is scheduled to come to the Jornada to assist with completing the style sheets in early November.