Kellogg Biological Station SiteBytes 2006

LTER Site: Kellogg Biological Station

Contributor: Sven Bohm (Sep 17, 2006)

Site Byte:

This past year we on consolidated and normalized our databases. Reorganizing
tables and trying to eliminate redundancies. We made one more switch in
database systems from MSSQL to DB2, to gain spatial SQL capability. We also
added a server with 1 terra-byte of disk space to store our annual air photo
campaigns. We're currently replacing our old web/db server with a new virtual
server. Using a virtual server, we can easily create a copy to test changes,
and troubleshoot without disrupting the service.

I wrote a couple of small quality control web applications, to provide an
incentive for the lab and other researchers to submit data earlier in the
process. Two of the QC apps have been successfully used so far, and they have
generated request for apps to process other datasets.