Andrews Forest SiteBytes 2007

LTER Site: Andrews LTER (AND)

Contributor: Suzanne Remillard, Don Henshaw, Theresa Valentine (Jul 26, 2007)

Site Byte:

1. Annual Site Byte

After spending 3 days backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, following last year’s meetings, the IM team was rejuvenated and ready to move ahead with the next year of IM activities. The main focus has been a planning process in conjunction with our LTER6 proposal submission (due Feb 2008). Planning activities have included significant interaction between the IM Team and site PIs with the objective of developing a strategy for keeping pace with the large IM workload. The strategy includes streamlining certain IM processes, better defining the responsibilities of PIs and IMs with respect to providing and posting data online, better defining the bases for assigning priorities to individual data sets, and actually setting major priorities for this proposal writing year. One of our streamlining strategies is the revamping of our QA/QC process for our climate data with the goal of being more efficient and reducing the hands-on need for data processing and graphical checking. A strategy for improving the data submission process includes improving guidelines for data submission and improving our web administrative interface to allow PIs to enter and edit their upper level metadata (abstract, coverage, methods, etc.). Additionally, the Andrews Team received a $25K planning grant and will conduct a fall workshop to consider planning for increased streaming sensor data and associated Q/C, larger bandwidth and WiFi or WiMax capability, and considering long-term personnel needs.


2. Planned IM Projects

a. Improve the efficiency of data processing and Q/C for our climate, streamflow, air shed and other planned sensor networks
b. Develop a proposal for improving telemetry to accommodate new, streaming data sets, establishing WiFi or WiMax throughout the Andrews, and increasing our bandwidth for communications
c. Review all data and metadata and set priorities for updating, establishing online, improving the metadata content, and improving EML
d. Improve the data submission process through 1) better defining the responsibilities of the PI and IM, and 2) improving the web interface for managing and editing metadata to better accommodate site researchers
e. Create GIS web services using ESRI ArcGIS Server technology to provide remote web access to Andrews GIS data by researchers/staff at the Andrews site