Bonanza Creek SiteBytes 2007

LTER Site: Bonanza Creek LTER (BNZ)

Contributor: Brian Riordan (Aug 01, 2007)

Site Byte:

1. Annual Site Byte

The BNZ IM group has been very busy the last year as we prepped for our site review that occurred in June. Some of our major accomplishments are:
· Level 4-5 EML for all of our data files (Thank You Inigo!!!)
· Versioning for our EML that adjusts as metadata changes
· 10 hourly streaming weather stations

We are in the process of implementing field data loggers to help stream line our core datasets into our database. This will help to improve our QA/QC as well as allow us to make ecological observations as they occur.

Our site review went well and we are feeling rejuvenated by many of the responses from the review committee. Thank you Kristin for taking the time to come up to AK.

We are in the process of a Data Manager change as Brian has left for the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources to pursue GIS/Remote Sensing. We hope to have a new IM hired by the end of August.


2. Planned IM Projects

a) Rebuild our Intranet to allow our Pis the ability to adjust their datasets as well as add new ones.

b) Rebuild the way we maintain site information (super sites, sub-sites, ect) This could possible entail a large GIS project

c) Continue to develop web applications for data that is stored in the database for on the fly analysis

d) Explore historical data files and metadata to ensure that the information is correct and robust.

Brian Riordan