Hubbard Brook SiteBytes 2007

LTER Site: Hubbard Brook LTER (HBR)

Contributor: John Campbell (Aug 01, 2007)

Site Byte:

1. Annual Site Byte

In March, 2007 we released a new redesigned Hubbard Brook webpage ( The new webpage is a vast improvement over the old one and includes features such as better search capabilities, image archive with an upload feature, curricula vitae that can be edited by investigators, password protected intranet site, near real-time data graphing, and more.

Last summer we received an NSF supplement to install a wireless sensor network at Hubbard Brook. A repeater station was erected which made the entire Hubbard Brook Valley accessible with 900 Mhz radios. We are currently collecting real-time data from 5 locations and are planning to expand the network over the coming year. An example of the online graphical interface is posted at

We recently received another NSF supplement this year to improve the physical sample archive database. In the coming months we will post the database online and make a number of other enhancements.

In June, we had a NSF midterm site review. This was a positive experience and the reviewers offered a number of constructive ideas for improving information management at the site that we have begun to implement.


2. Planned IM Projects

Develop QA/QC for near realtime data

Develop XML database for EML

Put database for physical sample archive online

Improve method for tracking research projects