Moorea Coral Reef SiteBytes 2007

LTER Site: Moorea Coral Reef (MCR)

Contributor: Sabine Grabner (Jul 25, 2007)

Site Byte:

1. Annual Site Byte

The past year's IM activities focused on setting up an environment to post the site's long term datasets online. Datasets were described in EML varying from level 3 to 5. Posting EML metadata online through XSLT transformation was adapted from SBC. Most datasets can be downloaded automatically and downloads are registered in the database.

Our back end is a combination of disk storage and database. For insertion of manually collected data we developed database interfaces using web forms and Java applications. Maintaining the database schema is a continuous task and will become a major task in the coming year, when we will make the schema fully compliant with the used EML tags.


2. Planned IM Projects

1. develop generic instrument data harvester for harvesting TCP connected instruments/loggers/fieldpcs (Java, XML, RBNB)
2. make database compliant with used EML tags
3. develop web interface to edit metadata
4. generate EML from DB