Site Byte content can include any information about the site and typically reflects activity related to the information system at your site during the past year.

Please also include in your site byte:

1. Identify at least one major Cyber-Infrastructure (CI) need at your site (e.g. software, hardware, communications, staffing) and describe:
a) What is the the science issue that drives this CI/IM need
b) How does the CI need constrain site activities
c) How does the CI need impact your site's participation in network activities

2) If applicable, list any CI development projects at your site that could potentially be used by other sites or shared and collaboratively developed into network-level CI implementations as part of a general Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework (i.e. projects with a wide range of use cases that could support decadal plan CI initiatives and cross-site science projects).

Please submit site bytes to the IM web site, http://intranet.lternet.edu/im/siteprofiles/SiteBytes/2008. Select your LTER site from the list, select Edit (next to the View button), then paste your site byte in the Body portion of the page. You will need to sign in under your LTER User name and password to make any edits.