Bonanza Creek Metadata System

The Bonanza Creek Metadata Management System Summary

The Bonanza Creek (BNZ) site stores their metadata in a database using mySQL Structured Query Language database. The database is the center piece of the BNZ site metadata management system, and the transactions with the public and the users are coded in Cold Fusion. The scripts allow users to query, view and download metadata and data.

LTER sites with similar management systems

  • some similarities : HBR, GCE
  • potential synergies : MCM, PAL, CCE, MCR, SEV
  • The Bonanza Creek Detailed

    A custom mySQL relational database stores all related info to datasets. This database tracks changes in data and metadata and allows data sets to be viewed using CFM scripts. Some of the data are in raw text files and the remaining data are stored in a database. Some climate data is streaming directly from the field instruments into the database. There is an ARC-IMS server for geospatial files. Most of the metadata is managed with custom files. EML is generated with a one touch Perl script (SQL dump-»parsing-»generate EML and harvest list).

    EML Status:

    • Completion: Nearly all metadata is available in EML.
    • Richness : Ranges from discovery level to the attribute level (levels 3 to 5)
    • QA/QC : There are mechanisms to ensure the quality of the metadata and data.