Cedar Creek Metadata System

The Cedar Creek LTER Metadata Management System Summary

The Cedar Creek (CDR) site stores their metadata in a relational database using Oracle.

LTER sites with similar management systems

  • potential synergies : MCM, PAL, CCE, MCR, SEV

The Cedar Creek Detailed

Rich EML was produced parsing the metadata info contained at the CDR project and experiment website and within the data files itself. A new model is being implemented now. During quality control checking of harvested metadata, datasets available through CDR's online data distribution system will be linked to original HTML versions of the same materials.

EML Status:

  • Completion: Nearly all metadata is available in EML.
  • Richness : Ranges from discovery level to the attribute level (5)
  • QA/QC : currently, the harvested EML had few mechanisms to ensure the quality of the EML. All data and metadata are currently being reviewed and revised for QC.