Moorea Coral Reef Metadata System

The Moorea Coral Reef LTER Metadata Management System Summary

The Moorea Coral Reef LTER site (MCR) manages their data and metadata in a hybrid system consisting of both relational database and file system. Publicly accessible datasets are registered in the database including identifiers and data access information. A server script request the access information dynamically from the database which is returned as URL or SQL query and subsequently runs the required commands to return the data. The scripts allow users to query, view and download metadata and data. Rich metadata is offered both as raw EML and processed through XSLT stylesheets to make for a pleasant read.

LTER sites with similar management systems

  • some similarities : BNZ, SEV
  • potential synergies : MCM, PAL, CCE, MCR

The Moorea Detailed

At MCR, a customized PostgreSQL relational database stores all related info of datasets. This database allows data sets to be queried, browsed and viewed using Pre Hypertext Processor language (PHP) scripts. Ajax web forms and Java desktop applications serve for data entry. Ajax eases data entry by dynamically generating drop down menus and performing instant quality control. Metadata are available for all datasets, including metadata in the network standard, EML. These are currently maintained manually.

EML Status:

  • Completion: All metadata is available in EML.
  • Richness : Most EML documents are described to the attribute level (level 5)
  • QA/QC : Mechanisms to ensure quality of metadata and data are revised frequently.