Santa Barbara Coastal Metadata System

The Santa Barbara Coastal LTER Metadata Management System Summary

The Santa Barbara Coastal LTER (SBC) IM system is based on EML. Our metadata is displayed in a local instance of Metacat, with a customized portal for searching and browsing. Data are stored as flat text tabular files. Some GIS layers are available by request.

SBC creates EML by several methods. Where possible, EML is created as the last step in data processing using Matlab. Other data packages are drafted by scientific staff (in Morpho) and customized by IM scripts. Some packages are edited manually, and we are trying to move away from this mode. Metadata for scripts are stored in text files and as XML in eXist.

Current IM activities
IM activities for 2009-2010 are concerned with centralizing and structuring more of our metadata in systems that make it available for multiple uses. Since SBC's data system is based on EML, we promote solutions at both the site and network levels.

LTER sites with similar systems

  • data and scientists in common: MCR
  • similar programming languages: GCE (matlab), VCR (perl)

The Santa Barbara LTER Site Detailed
see SBC's Information management plan at:

EML Status:

  • Completion: Nearly all site data has EML metadata.
  • Richness : attribute level (level 5), except for GIS (level 3)
  • SBC's bibliography is also stored in EML
  • QA/QC : based in the laboratories.