Sevilleta Metadata System

The Sevilleta Metadata Management System Summary

The Sevilleta Wildlife National Refuge LTER site (SEV) stores their data and metadata in a structured filesystem. SEV also uses a relational database to manage their website and metadata at the project level. Currently SEV offers rich EML for about 70% of their total projects.

LTER sites with similar management systems

  • some similarities : BNZ, HBR, LUQ
  • potential synergies : MCM, PAL, CCE, MCR

The Sevilleta Detailed

At SEV, a customized mySQL relational database stores project information, mainly a description, theme, keywords, and pointers, (paths, URLs) to the related datasets. The actual details on data and metadata are stored in a project-structured filesystem on flat text files format. Projects, datasets and metadata can be queried, browsed and viewed using Pre Hypertext Processor language (PHP) scripts. Rich EML is available for about 70% datasets, and currently maintained manually. The site is working with Inigo San Gil to generate a Perl script that will transform metadata entered into a Word template into EML.

Nearly all metadata at the Sevilleta was written by the Sevilleta employees, usually the field crew who take the data on the core studies. A few grad students have submitted data and metadata, but they are the exception, not the rule. There are two PIs who have submitted metadata during the seven-year tenure of the current IM.

EML Status:

  • Completion: About 60% is available in EML.
  • Richness : Nearly all EML documents are very rich, to the attribute level (levels 5)
  • QA/QC : There are mechanisms to ensure the quality of the metadata and data ??