North Temperate Lakes SiteBytes 2011

Do you have outside data sets stored in your system? That is, are you managing data in your system that are produced by a project funded separately from LTER? Is that project considered to be leveraged funding and directly related to LTER?
Yes, NTL has always been a repository for data from associated projects, i.e., projects that are thematically connected to NTL LTER, but are separately funded.

How did you use the 2010 IM supplement? Please tell us your success story of how you improved data availability at your site with this supplement

Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS)

The grass-roots Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) provides a unified framework for ecological information management for LTER sites, Biological Stations or similar research groups. DEIMS is based on the open source Drupal Content Management System.

Drupal Enviromental Information Management System (DEIMS)

The Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) is a set of content types, views and scripts that enable an biological station to adopt an information system based in Drupal.

This project is hosted at google code:

-Fully interconnected information at the information unit level
-Bibliography out of the box -bibTex, EndNote, google scholar and others capable
-Full metadata editor with pick lists and controlled vocabularies.
-Consumes and produces EML. And BDP. And more (in the near future)
-Gmaps, OpenLayers.

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