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2017 IMC Logistics

2017 IMC Annual Meeting

at ESIP Summer Meeting
on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana

Arrival: ___ Monday morning July 24 or night before
Departure: ___ Friday July 28

The IMC-focused day is Monday, the day before the main ESIP meeting.

Location of IMC gathering: ____
Indiana University in Bloomington, IN... but where on campus?

Airline Travel

closest airport: IND
make flight arrangements with _____


2017 Annual Meeting Topics Index

This page gathers links to the in-progress drafts of Sessions to be proposed for the ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 coincident with the IMC Annual Meeting.

Put a link to your draft by your topic please. (Not embed)

This goes into the envirosensing group (Don, Wade, Brian)

See draft for End-to-End Sensor Data Management breakout here:

2017 Annual Meeting

The annual IMC meeting will be co-located with the ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 in Bloomington, Indiana.

ESIP Conference Dates: July 24 to 28 (Mon-Fri)
LTER IMC Meeting Date: July 24 (Mon)

Please plan on traveling Sunday and Friday (July 23 and 28)

Logistics coordinator for the IMC: Jason Downing

*ESIP Call for Sessions

2016 Annual Meeting

2016 meeting will be small (IMC only), held at a UCSB, hosted by SBC and MCR.

Dates: August 16-18 (Tu-Th)
Please plan on traveling Monday and Friday (Aug 15 and 19)
sessions to be held at both MSI (UCSB) and NCO (NCEAS, downtown)

local contact: Margaret. Gastil

GCE Data Toolbox source code now available under GPLv3 license

Source code for the GCE Data Toolbox, a MATLAB software library for metadata-based analysis, visualization, transformation and management of ecological data sets, is now publicly available under a GPLv3 license. Source code can be modified, used for other projects and re-distributed as long as the derived work is also released under a GPLv3 or equivalent license.

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