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2017 IMC Logistics

2017 IMC Annual Meeting

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2017 Annual Meeting Topics Index

This page gathers links to the in-progress drafts of Sessions to be proposed for the ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 coincident with the IMC Annual Meeting.

Put a link to your draft by your topic please. (Not embed)

This goes into the envirosensing group (Don, Wade, Brian)

See draft for End-to-End Sensor Data Management breakout here:

GCE Data Toolbox source code now available under GPLv3 license

Source code for the GCE Data Toolbox, a MATLAB software library for metadata-based analysis, visualization, transformation and management of ecological data sets, is now publicly available under a GPLv3 license. Source code can be modified, used for other projects and re-distributed as long as the derived work is also released under a GPLv3 or equivalent license.

IMC comments for the Operational Plan

Please find attached the work document. We have tried to integrate all written comments and discussion items from the two VTCs. If you see something glaringly missing please e-mail to Corinna, Don and Margaret. We will need your feedback by today, Friday December 11th at 5 pm EST, 4 pm CST, 3 pm MST, 2 pm PST.

Databit Submissions for Fall 2009

Attention All,

The Fall 2009 issue of Databits is now open for submissions! I know that everyone has been busy and there are lots of topics and articles that each of us could contribute so I encourage everyone to submit something. Also, this is a great opportunity to reach out to some LTER affiliates for collaborations and have them contribute as well. Thanks in advance for the plethora of submissions that I know are forthcoming.

To make a submission, just go to the the following link:

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