Sensor management best practices workshop, September 4 - 6, 2013

Workshop participants:
Don Henshaw (AND)
Corinna Gries (NTL)
Renee Brown (SEV)
Chris Jones (DataONE)
Scotty Strachan (Univ of Nevada-Reno)
Adam Kennedy (AND)

Our lodging is in Quartz Creek building (lower left apartment). The door code to the apartment is 6-0-2-6, and the code for the office for after hour use is 2-5-1. We have the library reserved inside the office building.

Data Package Reporting WG

This working group was formed at the 2012 IMC meeting held during the All Scientists Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado.

Membership: Duane Costa, Linda Powell, Suzanne Remillard, Adam Skibbe, and Philip Tarrant (Chair)

The group is tasked with defining the attributes, audiences, and frequencies of reports produced by LNO with respect to the PASTA data catalog.

Meeting Notes:
WG meeting, 8/23/2013
December VTC progress update, 12/10/2012 and 12/11/2012

From Scientist and Sensor to Synthesis: The GCE Data Toolbox for Matlab and Metabase Management System. Nov. 28-30, 2012

LTER sites use a wide range of software to acquire, process, quality control and archive data. A separate set of tools is then typically used to produce and manage metadata content and generate EML-described data packages for the LTER NIS. This separation of data and metadata processing is inefficient, risks loss of information, and often delays data release. Software developed at the GCE LTER site - the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB - streamlines this process by coupling metadata creation to data processing and quality control.

Luquillo Experimental Forest SiteBytes 2012

Automation of the rainfall and temperature manually read data . A spreadsheet that allows the technician collecting the data to enter the data and obtain, automatically, a final table of daily values for the El Verde Field Station precipitation in mm (read in inches) and temperature in Celsious (read in Fahrenheit). The precipitation data requires to be averaged among the total numer of days without reading plus one, to account for the day that the reading is actually done. The spreadsheet developed is programmed to do this average automatically, when the data is entered as read from the field. The spreadsheet renders 3 separate worksheets containing daily values for : precipitation in mm, maximum temperature in Celsius, and minimum temperature in Celsius. It also contains QA/QC that compares manually entered and averaged data to the automatically calculated one. Web Page URL: which is accessible from:

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Introduction: Quality Assurance and Quality Control must be part of every step during the data life cycle. Approaches for QA/QC during data acquisition and digital organization of data are discussed in those sections.

Thesauri and controlled vocabularies

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