IM Working Groups

IM Working Groups

LTER IM Active Working Groups

2019 Active Working Group - chair

IMC Website Improvement & REDisgn (WIRED) – ??
EML Congruency Checker – Margaret O’Brien
GIS - Jamie Hollingsworth
Drupal Ecological IMS (DEIMS) - Yang Xia
ClimHydroDB 2.0 - EDI
LTER core metabase - Gastil, Margaret, Tim??
Zotero - Tim??
40 year review IMC self-study document - Stevan??

2018 Active Working Group - chair

IM Website Improvement and Redesign (WIRED) WG

THIS WG's material has MOVED TO GIT.
contact Suzanne, Margaret or Marty

The purpose of this working group is to:
1. Identify issues with current LTER Network information management related websites
2. Address the structure and content of the current sites and how information relating to the LTER IMC will be distributed across websites and organizations.

Committee members are:
Jason Downing
Marty Downs
Corinna Gries
Brian Herndon (chair)
Suzanne Remillard

Data Package Reporting WG

This working group was formed at the 2012 IMC meeting held during the All Scientists Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado.

Membership: Duane Costa, Linda Powell, Suzanne Remillard, Adam Skibbe, and Philip Tarrant (Chair)

The group is tasked with defining the attributes, audiences, and frequencies of reports produced by LNO with respect to the PASTA data catalog.

Meeting Notes:
WG meeting, 8/23/2013
December VTC progress update, 12/10/2012 and 12/11/2012

Currently Inactive Projects

Working group materials from currently inactive working groups an be found here:
Temporarily inactive:
• Controlled Vocabulary - John Porter
• Units – Linda Powell
• Web Services & LNO Database Redesign - James Brunt
EML Best Practices
IM Website

Groups that haven't been active for a longer time:
CI planning
IM/LNO collaborations

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