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Bonanza Creek SiteBytes 2012

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• In-person: James Brunt, Yang Xia, Jason Downing, Margaret O’Brien, Don Henshaw
• Videoteleconference: Jamie Hollingsworth, Aaron Stephenson

Day 1: Thursday, April 5, 2012

0830: Introduction
• Agenda review (Don)
• Discuss goals / products for this meeting

a. Consider advantages of use and need for redesign of SiteDB
i. Common use and sharing of SiteDB

Bonanza Creek SiteBytes 2011

BNZ used last year’s supplemental funding to tackle quality issues with our legacy climate data sets. Multiple years’ worth of streaming hourly data from numerous sites had produced a large archive of data that had not necessarily been fully checked for quality issues and therefore was not in a very usable state. We used this supplement to hire a research technician to systematically review, process, and organize core climate data variables from our primary weather stations. Priorities were laid out based on site and variable criteria to maximize the scientific usefulness of the products.

Bonanza Creek SiteBytes 2010


Bonanza Creek SiteBytes 2006

LTER Site: Bonanza Creek LTER

Contributor: Brian Riordan (Sep 18, 2006)

Site Byte:

Bonanza Creek LTER data management has made huge strides this past year. Not only in EML but overall data structure and our website flow. We have managed to be taken off of probation and are looking forward to our site review this coming summer. We have recoded a number of the Coldfusion webpage's to reflect the new database design. We have taken into account as many of the Website guidelines into account during our changes.

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