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California Current Ecosystem SiteBytes 2012

This past year, Information Management at CCE LTER has been focussed primarily on reviewing the
current state of data management at our site, with a focus on identifying areas of weakness and
developing plans for improvement. Recent changes have been directed by the newest guidelines
set forth by the Executive Board, as well as the our readiness to work with PASTA in the approaching
new year. This September also marks the fifth month for Scott Gordon, our new Assistant Information
Manager, working in our group.


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• In-person: James Brunt, Yang Xia, Jason Downing, Margaret O’Brien, Don Henshaw
• Videoteleconference: Jamie Hollingsworth, Aaron Stephenson

Day 1: Thursday, April 5, 2012

0830: Introduction
• Agenda review (Don)
• Discuss goals / products for this meeting

a. Consider advantages of use and need for redesign of SiteDB
i. Common use and sharing of SiteDB

California Current Ecosystem SiteBytes 2011

CCE LTER’s primary data system, DataZoo, stores data from multiple research projects. The data system’s interface presents dataset catalogs specific to project ownership. Currently, there are some datasets contained within the CCE DataZoo data catalog, as well as the data system as a whole. The type of association with LTER varies across this set of data. Some, like a long term weather timeseries from San Diego’s Lindbergh field, are not connected at all with LTER, and are stored in our data system for improved access and to leverage tools built for data exploration and comparison.

California Current Ecosystem SiteBytes 2010

CCE LTER Information Management Site Byte - September 2010
Karen Baker

Information Management Committee Inquiry

Site Bytes are intended as a general update on what has happened at your site during the last year. Please highlight new developments, ideas, and issues. Site bytes help us to stay informed about what is going on at other sites. Please also be forward thinking and include your thoughts on the following subjects with regards to the developing Network Information System.
We will discuss these questions further at the annual meeting:

California Current Ecosystem SiteBytes 2006

LTER Site: California Current Ecosystem

Contributor: Karen Baker (Oct 22, 2006)

Site Byte:

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