Sensor management best practices workshop, September 4 - 6, 2013

Workshop participants:
Don Henshaw (AND)
Corinna Gries (NTL)
Renee Brown (SEV)
Chris Jones (DataONE)
Scotty Strachan (Univ of Nevada-Reno)
Adam Kennedy (AND)

Our lodging is in Quartz Creek building (lower left apartment). The door code to the apartment is 6-0-2-6, and the code for the office for after hour use is 2-5-1. We have the library reserved inside the office building.

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Coweeta SiteBytes 2007

LTER Site: Coweeta LTER (CWT)

Contributor: Barrie Collins (Jul 19, 2007)

Site Byte:

1. Annual Site Byte

I think that the comments below serve as a pretty nice site byte...Thanks, Barrie.


2. Planned IM Projects

2007 has largely been about preparation for Coweeta LTER's 2008 review. Thus, our focus has been oriented towards filling gaps in our data, publications, and metadata.

a. Improvement of Data metadata. (Thanks to John Porter for helping get PI's motivated).

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