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2018 Meeting Participants

IM group photo

Participant list:
[on ground from L to R]
Renée F. Brown (MCM)
Adam Sapp (GCE)
Jess Zimmerman (LUQ)
Colin Smith (EDI)
Jason Downing (BNZ)
Suzanne Remillard (AND)
Stevan Earl (CAP)
Sarah Elmendorf (NWT)
Pier Luigi Buttigieg (AWI; Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
Hap Garrit (PIE)

[middle row L to R]
Jonathan Walsh (BES)
Margaret O'Brien (SBC/EDI)
Yang Xia (KNZ)

2018 Candidate Statements

This page is provided for nominees to IM-Exec to provide statements concerning their reasons for being willing to serve on IM-Exec. Nominees should place a brief statement below using the example format.

IMC Exec - Full 3 year Chair Term

-- Stevan Earl/Suzanne Remillard (co-chairs)

2018 IMC Annual Meeting, Pacific Grove, CA, September 30, 2018

The Annual LTER IMC meeting will be co-located with the LTER All-Scientist Meeting at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA

LTER IMC Meeting Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018
Travel days for IMC are Saturday, September 29 and Thursday, October 4

IMC Working Agenda

Preparation Documents:

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