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Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2012

IM activities at Konza for the past year have largely been spent working to respond to the 2011 midterm site review, general tweaking of pieces of the Konza IMS, and, of course, a heavy focus on updating EML and data. At the network level we have participated heavily in the conceptualization and development of the GeoNIS (including participation in the GeoNIS workshop), and attended SensorNIS as well.

Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2011

At the site level this past year was largely dedicated to preparing for Konza's midterm site review. The focus up until this was catching up dataset for 2 year compliance and a complete revamp and release of a new website for Konza LTER (http://www.konza.ksu.edu) which is 100% dynamically driven against SQL Server backend. The preparation for and subsequent review have left us in a good place having caught up with many of the things we had been working hard on, and should allow more proactive advancements in as we move forward.

Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2010

In the past year information management at Konza has been largely focused on re-inventing our web site (currently nearing finish) to provide a much more user friendly environment as well as developing a back end "CMS" to allow for easier updates to the system. These products should allow for a site which is much easier to maintain as well as better, easier access to our data other resources. Additional focus has been on bringing our GIS and burn history data into a more usable format.

Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2006

LTER Site: Konza Prairie LTER

Contributor: Jincheng Gao (Sep 16, 2006)

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Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2007

LTER Site: Konza Prairie LTER (KNZ)

Contributor: Jincheng Gao (Aug 01, 2007)

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