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In this two years period of LUQ's LTER 5, we have dedicated most of our efforts to enhance the metadata to be PASTA ready. Using LUQ DEIMS' EML module we have been able to make about 75% of our data sets PASTA ready so far. The goal is to convert 100% of all our data sets by the end of the year. As we do this, we are also making sure that all data sets are LTER VOCAB keyed and database ready.

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Automation of the rainfall and temperature manually read data . A spreadsheet that allows the technician collecting the data to enter the data and obtain, automatically, a final table of daily values for the El Verde Field Station precipitation in mm (read in inches) and temperature in Celsious (read in Fahrenheit). The precipitation data requires to be averaged among the total numer of days without reading plus one, to account for the day that the reading is actually done. The spreadsheet developed is programmed to do this average automatically, when the data is entered as read from the field. The spreadsheet renders 3 separate worksheets containing daily values for : precipitation in mm, maximum temperature in Celsius, and minimum temperature in Celsius. It also contains QA/QC that compares manually entered and averaged data to the automatically calculated one. Web Page URL: which is accessible from:

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2010 IM supplement, LUQ IMS and the NIS
In 2010, we requested resources to participate in several workshops and activities to continue building up LUQ´s new IMS framework. These included participating in the LTERMapS, DEIMS and Vocab workshops and hiring a graduate student for compiling all LUQ´s publications and assigning keywords to those publications which do include them (specially those of the beginning of LUQ LTER in the late 80´s and early 90´s).

Training Material

Information Management Training Course

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From: Eda C. Melendez-Colom, LUQ LTER IM

Outreach and Schoolyard activities:

Presented information management workshop in the third LUQ LTER Internship held at El Verde Field Station from November 22 to 23, 2009. Published data, metadata and presentations given at the activity in the following web page:

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