North Temperate Lakes

Sensor management best practices workshop, September 4 - 6, 2013

Workshop participants:
Don Henshaw (AND)
Corinna Gries (NTL)
Renee Brown (SEV)
Chris Jones (DataONE)
Scotty Strachan (Univ of Nevada-Reno)
Adam Kennedy (AND)

Our lodging is in Quartz Creek building (lower left apartment). The door code to the apartment is 6-0-2-6, and the code for the office for after hour use is 2-5-1. We have the library reserved inside the office building.

North Temperate Lakes SiteBytes 2012

Last year we reported on a major overhaul of the NTL information system. Data were moved from Oracle to MySQL and the website was moved from a custom jsp/Oracle system to Drupal/MySQL/PostGIS. The new system went into production by the middle of summer 2011 and was subjected to the NTL site review in September 2011. Reviewers found the new website easy to navigate and the information well integrated. The Drupal tagging and query system allows for many different views of the information, making it approachable for a variety of people.


• In-person: James Brunt, Yang Xia, Jason Downing, Margaret O’Brien, Don Henshaw
• Videoteleconference: Jamie Hollingsworth, Aaron Stephenson

Day 1: Thursday, April 5, 2012

0830: Introduction
• Agenda review (Don)
• Discuss goals / products for this meeting

a. Consider advantages of use and need for redesign of SiteDB
i. Common use and sharing of SiteDB
ii. Accommodation of discipline-specific metadata within the design

b. Consider use of SiteDB within the PASTA architecture
i. EML best practices for discipline-specific metadata

North Temperate Lakes SiteBytes 2011

Do you have outside data sets stored in your system? That is, are you managing data in your system that are produced by a project funded separately from LTER? Is that project considered to be leveraged funding and directly related to LTER?
Yes, NTL has always been a repository for data from associated projects, i.e., projects that are thematically connected to NTL LTER, but are separately funded.

How did you use the 2010 IM supplement? Please tell us your success story of how you improved data availability at your site with this supplement

North Temperate Lakes SiteBytes 2010

The information management team at NTL-LTER has seen major changes during this past year. Barbara Benson retired from her position and was replaced by Corinna Gries, formerly information manager at CAP-LTER. David Balsiger will be retiring at the end of July and his replacement, Aaron Stephenson, was hired recently. Stephenson brings extensive GIS and general IT project development expertise to the team. In addition a full time programmer, Preston Alexander was recently hired for one year.

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