2013 July 23 Working Group Meeting Notes, Fairbanks

present: John Porter (chair), Sven Bohm, Mary Martin, M. Gastil-Buhl, Jason Downing, Margaret O’Brien, Dave Richardson, Eda Melendez-Colom

Highlights from May workshop
1. new terms to vocab: ~100
2. new definitions: 309
3. improved criteria for selection of new terms (file on this page:
4. Guest librarians from UVa
5. consensus: there's a difference bewteen terms that ate "contains" vs "about"
“this dataset “contains” primary production data OR this dataset is “about” primary production
the vocab trees can be classified as contains or about

Materials for May 2013 Controlled Vocabulary Workshop

This page will be used for providing materials needed for the Controlled Vocabulary Working Group Meeting May 21-22, 2013. Travel days are May 20 and 23 to Norfolk International Airport (ORF).

Meeting agenda:

Please attach any data files and provide a description here, or with the file....

Confirmed workshop attendees:
O'Brien, Margaret
Porter, John

Vocab VTC 2013-04-11

Goals of this VTC are:
1) finalize attendees and plans for the May 21-22 workshop (May 20 & 23 as travel days)
On Doodle poll:
Plus (possibilities)
Todd Crowl
John and Margaret will check email for other volunteer......

Someone from GIS working group
--- may not be needed.... intensive VTCs would be better.....

Social Scientist ??? Need to engage that community.....

Could set up VTC for questions to scientists......

Put meeting request to George with existing names plus people we contact (Crowl +????)

2013 January 9 Controlled vocab VTC Agenda

2013 Jan 9 VTC agenda, DRAFT

1. decide on workshop dates
1.1. Preferred: 2-4 dates (2 days work + 1-2 days travel) during one of these weeks: Feb 4-9, March 4-8, March 18-22, April 1-5.
1.2. workshop proposal:

2. set up sub-working groups of 2-3 people for pre-workshop tasks
2.1. Complete definitions & relationships for existing terms
2.2. mine metacat/pasta for new candidate words
2.3. solicit new terms from sites

3. outline specific workshop tasks (below are suggested)

2012 Dec 14 Controlled vocab VTC, planning notes

Who: John Porter, Margaret O'Brien
Venue: skype
Purpose: begin planning for 2013 workshop

Definitions used in these notes:
keyword: a term in the controlled vocab
EML keyword element: content in dataset metadata, i.e., in the EML keyword element
So, for the purposes of this WG, please distinguish usage in EML metadata by explicitly stating "EML keyword element"

1. VTC Jan 9 - Agenda items
- decide on workshop dates
- - send out DOODLE for Jan 9 now
- set up sub-working groups
- - definitions & relationships

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