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Unit Working Group Terms of Reference

The attached document contains the latest Terms of Reference for the Unit Working Group. The current Terms of Reference are Version 1, approved on 01/20/2011 by Linda Powell and Mason Kortz.

2010 IMC Breakout Summary

The Unit Working Group held a meeting during breakout session VI of the 2010 IMC meeting, on Friday, September 24th. The meeting was attended by co-chairs Mason Kortz and Linda Powell, Suzanne Remillard, Sven Bohm, and Jason Downing. The meeting began with a presentation summarizing the previous year's activities:

Highlights of the year in review include:

  • Change in co-chair: Linda Powell is now a co-chair and the lead for the content group

VTC Notes - 2010-06-16

VTC June 16, 2010: Unit Registry Update

Moderator: Mason Kortz
Attendees: James Conners, Mark Servilla, Ken Ramsey, Mary Gastil-Buhl,
Hap Garritt, James Moss, Yang Xia, Kristen Vanderbilt,
Hope Humphries, Linda Powell, Duane Costa, Jason Downing,
John Vande Castle, Don Henshaw, Sven Bolhm, Karen Baker,
Jonathan Walsh, Margaret O'brien

Overview -

Goals of the this meeting: Code migration and discussion of NIS contributed

State of the Unit Working Group

The following is a brief summary of the Unit Working Group's past, current, and future goals and activities. For a more detailed view into the Unit Working Group’s history, see the milestones document. This page will be updated periodically by the Unit Working Group chairs.


  • 2005: Dictionary Process Working Group established to resolve differences in unit usage across the network
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