Network Information System Advisory Council

IM Member Representation on NISAC

NISAC was established in the Spring 2003.
IM members are elected in the summer/fall annual IM meeting BEFORE the term expires.
Approved by SC in Spring 2010: Composition to include 6 domain scientists (3 yr terms, approved by SC), 4 information managers (3 yr terms voted by IMC in Fall 2010 to be consistent with scientists terms) and LNO staff. Terms for those serving as co-chair will extend to 4 years.

Service Year NISAC Member and site association Term Begins Term Expires Notes

NISAC Terms of Reference

NISAC VTC Agenda 20 Nov 2013

Wednesday, November 20th 9-11am PST/12-2pm EST on Polycom

(Detailed agenda has been email attached; for most current revision see agenda as google doc)
We may refer to a google doc presentation.

Agenda Outline

Please review the material ahead of time and be prepared to discuss:
· Introductions (5 minutes)

  1. Continuity between current LNO and future LNO (or no LNO), with respect to information systems (50 minutes)

NISAC VTC Agenda 9 May 2013

Agenda and Meeting Notes

Online meeting Thursday 9 May at 10:30 AM pacific, 11:30 mountain, 12:30 central and 1:30 eastern on Polycom VTC

If you have not set up Polycom yet, please contact James Williams

1. Welcome & What is NISAC (Paul)
1.1 Overview of the NISAC web pages and documents* (Suzanne)
1.1.1 Terms of Service
2. Current issues
2.1 VegDB experience with PASTA (Suzanne)
2.2 NISAC Annual Report (Paul)

Relevant Network Documents for NISAC

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