From Scientist and Sensor to Synthesis: The GCE Data Toolbox for Matlab and Metabase Management System. Nov. 28-30, 2012

LTER sites use a wide range of software to acquire, process, quality control and archive data. A separate set of tools is then typically used to produce and manage metadata content and generate EML-described data packages for the LTER NIS. This separation of data and metadata processing is inefficient, risks loss of information, and often delays data release. Software developed at the GCE LTER site - the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB - streamlines this process by coupling metadata creation to data processing and quality control.

oXygen EML Editor

oXygen is far more efficient and effective than a plain text editor for examining EML at any stage of development.

1. Get the program:
Download oXygen EDITOR from this page:
As of 2012, you click on the logo with a blue box with a red 'X'

2. Get the license:
The oXygen XML Editor is free to LTER sites as part of their "Support Life Program":

North Temperate Lakes SiteBytes 2011

Do you have outside data sets stored in your system? That is, are you managing data in your system that are produced by a project funded separately from LTER? Is that project considered to be leveraged funding and directly related to LTER?
Yes, NTL has always been a repository for data from associated projects, i.e., projects that are thematically connected to NTL LTER, but are separately funded.

How did you use the 2010 IM supplement? Please tell us your success story of how you improved data availability at your site with this supplement

EML Congruence Checker

LTER: Margaret O'Brien (chair), Corinna Gries, Emery Boose, Dan Bahauddin, Gastil Gastil-Buhl, Jason Downing, Sven Bohm, James Brunt, Mark Servilla, Duane Costa. Associates include Matt Jones, Mark Shildhauer, Ben Leinfleder, Matt Jones and Jing Tao, from the NCEAS Ecoinformatics programming group for DML-related issues. This IMC working group was formed at the All Scientists Meeting in 2009 at Estes Park.
Mail list:
Meeting notes: /projects/eml_congruency_checker/meeting_notes

For comments on the Checker and/or checks, LOG IN and use the "Add new comment" link at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to preview before saving. You may also email the working group with their mail list, above. Comments are especially encouraged during August and September 2012, as the group prepares for acceptance of the checks, software and update plan at the annual IMC meeting.

Documentation for the Data Package Quality Engine:

EML Best Practices WG

Margaret O'Brien (chair), Corinna Gries, Emery Boose, Dan Bahauddin, Theresa Valentine, Ken Ramsey, M. Gastil-Buhl ('Gastil')

Events in 2011:
Version 2 of "EML Best Practices for LTER Sites" document is now available (August 6, 2011). See
Resources > IM Practices > Metadata > Best Practices and Guides > EML Best Practices

Events in 2010:
2010 Sep 21-24: Focus topic of annual IMC meeting (KBS) MEETING PAGE | REPORT BELOW
2010 Jun 22-24: Production workshop at LNO to create a draft EVENT
Including Guest (day 1): Philip Tarrant

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