Controlled Vocabulary

September 2014 Virtual Water Cooler: Topics include IMC Post-meeting discussion and ASM Planning

IMC Virtual Update, 8 September 2014

Sven Bohm, Gastil Buhl, James Brunt (LNO), John Chamblee (1st moderator), James Conners, Jason Downing, Hap Garritt, Mary Martin, John Porter, Suzanne Remillard, Inigo San Gil, Theresa Valentine (2nd Moderator), Yang Xia


  • Review of Post IMC Survey (Chamblee)
  • ASM Planning (Valentine and Vanderbilt
  • Summary of Discussion

2013 Controlled vocab Notes, other activities

This page is for notes or suggestions for specific activities for 2013.

workshop proposal:

Note on web services (mob):
1. these are great, and we should be promoting them, perhaps through a training aimed at teaching SIMs to use web services?

Controlled Vocabulary

This group is working on a controlled vocabulary for the LTER network.

Meeting Notes, Terms of Reference and Tools and Resources

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