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From Scientist and Sensor to Synthesis: The GCE Data Toolbox for Matlab and Metabase Management System. Nov. 28-30, 2012

LTER sites use a wide range of software to acquire, process, quality control and archive data. A separate set of tools is then typically used to produce and manage metadata content and generate EML-described data packages for the LTER NIS. This separation of data and metadata processing is inefficient, risks loss of information, and often delays data release. Software developed at the GCE LTER site - the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB - streamlines this process by coupling metadata creation to data processing and quality control.

Streaming Data Management Middleware

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  • Purpose of middleware
    • Data storage / data handling
    • Data aggregation, formatting, filtering
    • Documentation
    • Automated QA/QC on data streams
    • Archiving

Training Material

Information Management Training Course

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