LTER Controlled Vocabulary Tools & Resources

The LTER Controlled Vocabulary Working Group has developed a number of applications and web services to support the use of the LTER Controlled Vocabulary. This page provides a listing of resources. Copies of code etc. are available on the LTER SVN site ( in the "vocab" tree.


-- Best Practices Document

-- The main "TemaTres" database used to maintain keywords:
---- Site-specific instances of TemaTres can be set up upon request.
---- Alternative views of the vocabulary and externally-developed tools are available at:

-- The main LTER Data Portal uses the controlled vocabulary to enhance searching and browsing at:

-- A basic tool for identifying suitable keywords for datasets using the LTER HIVE infrastructure is available at:

---- A copy of the current list of LTER preferred terms (one per line) is available via the web service at:

---- A web service for using the HIVE tool to identify keywords in LTER or USGS Biocomplexity (formerly NBII) thesauri based on scanning a metadata document:

------ A sample PHP script that uses the web service to populate a web form is available at:

------ The underlying HIVE web service is available at: - note an uploaded file to be scanned must be included or it fails with a "405" error.
--------- it can be invoked on the command line from "curl" using:
"curl -T xxLocalFileToScanxx"

---- An "autocomplete" tool is available for integration into new or existing web forms. It is available as a .zip file at:

---- A web service for returning synonyms, narrower term, related terms etc. as XML, list or CSV:

---- TemaTres provides a number of web services at: For a fuller description see:

---- An XML file used to configure the 2-level browse search on the LTER data portal is maintained at:

---- Prototype (and very, very slow) multilingual search interface based on the EnvThes multilingual thesaurus (which fully incorporates the LTER Controllled Vocabulary) is available at: